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Google will freeze auto-renewal subscriptions on the Play Store in India


You might automatically take Android app subscriptions for granted, but it won’t be that easy for people in India. XDA was informed that after the Central Bank of India established rules requiring additional authentication for subscriptions and other recurring payments, Google suspended registration for automatic renewals and free trials.

According to emails sent to developers, the freeze will take effect in early May and will continue until the company resolves the “ecosystem challenge.”

You can still subscribe to the service, but you will register again at the end of each cycle. Existing auto-renewable subscriptions will not be affected, but Google requires application manufacturers to clearly state that users are making a one-time purchase.


The new rules could easily affect other digital services, but they may affect Play store users greater than many. Android dominates the Indian mobile landscape, and subscription offerings are specifically vital because the country faces a new wave of lockdowns induced via the COVID-19 pandemic — this will have introduced giant trouble for millions of people hoping to move tunes or watch a favorite television series.

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