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Google Wifi Application management take into the Google Home Application

Google Wifi Application

Google is phasing out the dedicated Google Wifi application dedicated to managing routers and expanding that functionality to the Google Home application as the company continues to “help our customers control and manage all connected products in one place, and enable examples in it. Run the program.”

Switching to the Google Home application will be divided into two stages: First, Google will deactivate most features of the Google Wifi application on May 25. From then on, users will only be able to view the current status of their network, but any changes including adding new routers or access points must be done in the Google Home app.

Then, at some point in June, Google will remove the Wifi app from the Play Store and iOS App Store, allowing all users to use the Google Home app together. At that time, it will also stop providing support for old applications for existing users.

Google Wifi Application
Google Wifi Application

Google has been making this change since the launch of the Nest Wifi router in 2019, which can only be configured in the Google Home app. But at that time, the Google Home application still did not provide many functions provided by the Google Wifi application.

Google had promised to support these two apps until it updated the home app to include all the features available in the Wifi app. Google said that once June approaches, this will be the case.

Google pointed out that migrating existing Wi-Fi settings to the Google Home app will bring some new benefits, including using Google Assistant to suspend Wi-Fi connections, testing current Internet speeds, and in a simple product collaboration Function. Display the guest Wi-Fi password on the Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max display.

Migrating network settings seems to be a relatively simple process, although Google’s usage warns that this is a one-way road: once you switch to the Google Home app, you can’t go back.

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