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Google Translate gets support for 4 new Languages after 4 years

Google Translate Baseead

Google works to make our services better. Be it Gmail or Google+, Docs or Translate, the company makes many efforts to provide better service to the users and improve its product. The company has done something similar with Google Translate.

The company has added 5 additional languages to its product. After 4 years a language has been added to this translation service. In such a situation, there are now 108 languages in Google Translate in total.

These 5 new languages added to Google Translate

It has been revealed through the company’s official blog that Google Translate has now been added to Kinyarwanda, Oriya, Tatar, Turkmen, and Uyghur languages.

Google Translate Baseead

These languages are spoken by 75 million people worldwide. After this latest edition, Google Translate will now be able to translate into 108 languages.

Know what the company has to say

The company spokesperson has said that Google Translate learns from the translations found on web pages. But when the content of languages is not found on the web pages, it becomes difficult for the system to support the user.

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However, due to the advanced changes in our machine learning technology, we are associating these languages with Google Translate.

Soon users will get the update

This update will be rolled out to Google Translate users today. At the same time, the rest will be made available in a few days. These will also include Android and iOS users.

Translate service will support text translation and website translation for these 5 languages. Also, virtual keyboard input support has been made available for Kinyarwanda, Tatar, and Uyghur.

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