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Google suspended the Parler app on the Play Store for lack of Moderation


In the days since the attack on the US Capitol this week, the social network Parler has attracted much attention. Now, Google has deactivated the Parler app from the Android Play Store because of the lack of moderation of the app was the reason for its deletion.

As social networks have become popular alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, Parler was recently reviewed, mainly because Trump supporters are not satisfied with the regulation policies of these platforms.

Parler was firmly opposed to these platforms but adopted a completely non-interventional way to exercise restraint.

As a result, last week, many people involved in social activities discussed their plans publicly on social networks, so Pele played a role in the Capitol attack.

Sleeping Giant posted examples of these posts on Twitter, and the account actively called on Google and Apple to remove the Parler app from their respective app stores.

Apple has set a 24-hour deadline for Parler to implement a stricter review policy, and Google decided to delete the application completely.

A Google spokesperson provided a statement on the matter via Twitter, as follows:

In order to protect the safety of users on Google Play, our long-term policy requires apps that display user-generated content to have review policies and enforcement regulations to remove offensive content (such as posts that incite violence). All developers agree to these terms, and we have reminded Parler of this clear policy in recent months. We know that we continue to publish posts in the Parler app, which aims to incite violence that continues to occur in the United States. We recognize that the content policy debate may be reasonable, and it may be difficult for apps to remove all violating content immediately, but for our distribution of apps through Google Play, we do require apps to conduct robust reviews of inappropriate content. In view of this ongoing and urgent public safety thread, we are suspending the app’s listing on the Play Store until these issues are resolved.

This change only affects new downloads of the Parler app, as Android users who have already installed the app will be able to continue using it.

Unless the application is restored to the state of Google Play, Parler will not be able to push any updates. Parler CEO John Matze immediately expressed his dissatisfaction with Apple’s decision to delete the application but did not comment on Google.

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