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Google Starts virtual public support with doctors and health workers for COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed virtual treatment alternatives in the spotlight as both physicians and patients try to eliminate in-person visits for routine care. Patients aren’t always aware of what’s available to them, however, so Google will carry out new features in Search and Maps over the next two weeks that will illustrate telehealth choices.

Coronavirus effect is seen in the world. Lockdown has been resorted to avoiding this virus. Although the loss in this situation belongs to everyone, patients are facing a lot of difficulties during this period. Health care providers have stopped seeing patients.

Since the introduction of this virus, virtual care and telehealth have increased significantly. In such a situation, health consultants have reduced the burden of doctors through phone or video conferencing. In this sequence, Google has also taken an initiative. In this, users will be given information about local healthcare providers.

Google COVID19

Google has stated in its official blog post that virtual healthcare options will appear in Google Search and Google Maps. The company has said that to help connect people and healthcare providers, the company is providing high-quality and official information.

Soon the company will introduce two new features in Google Search and Google Maps that will help users to connect with virtual healthcare options. It can be a doctor, hospital and telehealth platform.

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The company also said that doctors, hospitals and mental health professionals can provide virtual care through their business profile. This will allow people to find a provider near them. Also, you will be able to see online care links through Google Search and Google Maps.

Clicking on this link will take people to the virtual healthcare website of that provider. Here they will get information.

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In the U.S., as users use search terms like “immediate care,” Google will now begin providing virtual care services. The search results page will also display both in-person and virtual treatment choices, something that wasn’t the case before. For their visits, uninsured consumers can also see further specifics of the out-of-pocket rates.

Google says it is starting as a pilot project in the US. With this, the company will be able to give people information about virtual care platforms in a comprehensive manner so that people can easily visit virtual care websites.


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