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Google started with account linking to establish Stadia community forum

Google New Fourm Site

Google started with account linking to establish a Stadia community forum

In addition to announcing the new games that will be launched this week, Google today also detailed how Stadia accounts can be linked to community forum logins as soon as possible as part of a broader improvement.

Google posts information about new platform development and upcoming games on the Stadia Community Forum, and users can post questions and get help.

The Stadia account you use to buy and play games will soon be linked to the community forum. Currently, this is mainly due to Stadia Founders, who have pre-ordered the first day’s hardware bundle:

The founder will be recognized, and a unique badge will be attached to the username of his subject and comment. The founder will also gain access to a special gated area of ​​the community (called the “Founder Center”) and enjoy some exclusive rights, such as a question and answer session with the Stadia team.

Other users will receive a “Stadia Player badge” to distinguish them from those in the community.

At the same time, Google plans to “build a rich feature set in the future to further enhance the community of all players.” This involves “gamification systems and other cool features”. This integration will start on Friday, September 25th.

Google New Fourm Site

The forum account requires a username that is different from the gamer ID, and the homepage (and hamburger menu) will be prominently linked to the Founders Hub.

After enabling this feature, you need to log out first, and then log in using Google SSO. Make sure to select the email associated with your Stadia account. You will be prompted to grant or deny access to your Stadia account. Note: You can revoke the forum’s access to the Stadia account at any time by visiting the security settings of your Google account.

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