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Google shuts down Poly 3D content platform

google poly 3D

Google almost ran out of AR/VR projects to the point of being unable to achieve its goals. The company announced today in an email to Poly users that they will permanently close the 3D object creation and library platform next year.

The service will be closed on June 30, 2021. Starting from April 30, 2021, users will not be able to upload 3D models to the website.

Poly was launched as a 3D creation tool, optimized for virtual reality. Users can use In-VR tools to easily create low-polygon objects. Compared with more art and sculpture-focused VR tools such as Google’s Tilt Brush and Facebook’s (now Adobe’s) Medium software, the software is designed to provide a lightweight way to create and view 3D assets. These assets may eventually appear in games and experiences.

google poly 3D

Google has discontinued most of the company’s AR/VR games, the most notable of which is its Daydream mobile VR platform.

The initial rise of the AR/VR industry prompted many 3D-centric startups to bet on creating or hosting digital object libraries. As investors’ enthusiasm has greatly diminished, and the technology platforms hosting AR/VR content have shut down these products, it is not yet clear where the market for such 3D content is. Users who upload objects to Poly will be able to download their data and models before closing.

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