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Google shared an interesting tutorial to make an origami Android mascot video

In the current situation, everyone is looking for indoor activities, and Google is providing videos on how to make an origami Android mascot in the form of video tutorials.

The Android developer Twitter account started a new year by sharing Android origami folding tutorials on YouTube.

Grab the paper and fold it, then create an Android logo origami. We hope you will enjoy the interesting craftsmanship created by software engineer Lisa Nguyen Quang Do and crafted by Seang Chau’s Vice President of Engineering.

The video is 11 minutes long, and the final result is a very complicated copy of the Android mascot in the form of origami.

It obviously cannot bend upwards perfectly, but it is very close, with seven sides forming an arc. The tentacles are very eye-catching, with a layer behind certain depths, and the best details are the eyes using green paper with a white underside.

In addition to the origami folding video, there are many PDF instructions about the Android mascot. Literally, follow 30 steps, each step has a corresponding description and instructions.

A convenient description is also provided at the top to illustrate the different concepts of crease and pinch.

It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted-maybe try a simple creation first, but the end result is excellent and almost like any plastic figurine.

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