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Google sends Nest Hub discount codes to certain youtube TV subscribers

Youtube TV Price Discount

In recent weeks, Google has been sending discount codes and even freebies to subscribers to its various services. This week, there was another promotional event, this time offering YouTube TV subscribers a substantial discount on Nest Hub’s smart displays.

An email to certain YouTube TV subscribers will offer a $30 discount on Google’s Nest Hub smart display. Like other monitors supported by Google Assistant, this monitor can be directly integrated with your YouTube TV account, allowing quick access to live TV through your voice or touch interface.

Youtube TV Price Discount

In the past few months, this is something that I found on Nest Hub Max in the kitchen.

Through this promotion, Google cut Nest by $30, reducing its retail price from $89 to $49. Since Nest Hub’s discount usually lowers the price to this level, this is not an unprecedented offer, but it is a good choice for YouTube TV subscribers.

This offer does not seem to have many conditions. Color choices are limited to the darker “charcoal” and the United States. It seems that not all YouTube TV subscribers are getting promotions.

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