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Google Search on mobile devices is being redesigned

new google mobile update baseread

Google announced in a blog on Friday that Google is redesigning the appearance of search results on mobile phones. “We want to take a step back to simplify the operation so that people can find what they want faster and easier,” Zheng Ailing, who is in charge of the redesign, said in a blog.

The redesigned test will be larger and bolder for quick scanning, and you will see more Google fonts in the results.

Search results will also take up more width of the screen, partly because of reduced shadows. Google also stated that the redesign will use the color “more purposefully” to help highlight important information without distracting.

new google mobile update baseread

To understand how the redesign is different from the current experience, compare the redesigned rendering results with the screenshots of the current search experience I took from the iPhone 12 mini.

Google said that the redesign will be launched in the next few days.

It seems that the new design can provide more information at the top of the page and reduce visual clutter, which promises to make the results easier to parse without forcing you to scroll down too much to find what you need.

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