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Google says it is working hard to make “Hey Google” run on Wear OS again

According to a report from 9to5Google, Google Assistant has been activated by saying “Hey Google” for several months. Google mentioned that it is now repairing, saying that it is “aware of the problems encountered by some users” and will help its partners “solve these problems and improve the overall experience.”

A large number of users have reported the problem-a post on Google’s Issue Tracker has nearly a thousand stars. Reading through the thread, it is clear that many users with different smartwatch models have reported the same issue since November 2020.

They say that the assistant is not completely unavailable because users can still trigger it by long-pressing the button, but if the voice activation function is not used for a long time, it may not help people understand that Google doesn’t care about Wear OS.

Hey Google
Hey Google

Google’s statement is not clear how long the problem will be resolved, but hopes it will attract people’s attention. Although the Wear operating system may not be the core of Google’s strategy, the assistant seems to be an assistant, which is great for those who choose to put the Google operating system on their wrists because it can be used conveniently.

This move was helpless but made people confident in Google’s support for Wear OS, and it took so long to make everyone really notice this fact, making things worse.

The company said that part of the reason for buying Fitbit was to enhance the status of Wear OS as a platform, but ignoring the relative core functions of the OS for most of the year, not a good sign. At least Google Assistant does work well on Fitbit.

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