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Google Play Music will stop operating in October

Google Play Music

Google Play Music will stop operating in October, and the MP3 store will also be closed. In May, with the launch of the long-awaited transfer tool, the effort to prompt Play Music users to switch to YouTube Music began.

Google today explained the shutdown schedule of Play Music and detailed the current situation.

Starting in late August, you will no longer be able to buy (or pre-order) music from the Play Store. Last year, the MP3 store was hidden in the side navigation drawer of Google Play on Android, instead of appearing in the bottom bar.

The Music Manager desktop application for batch uploads and downloads will also stop working this month.

Google Play Music

Google got rid of the ability to buy and download songs, adopted streaming media as the mainstream model, and reflected the long journey from physical media to digital stores and today’s norms.

Those users who still want to own audio files can use iTunes and Amazon, and the cloud storage locker for YouTube music was launched in February and supports users to upload on the Internet.

At some point in September, GPM users in New Zealand and South Africa will lose the ability to “stream or use the Google Play Music app“. This deprecation will take place in all other countries in October.

However, Google will keep Play Music’s playlists, uploads, purchases, likes, and other data until December. In this way, users can initiate the transfer of playing music to YouTube music until the end of this year.

After that, “Play Music Library will no longer be available”, although Google will “clearly notify all users before they can access its Google Play Music library and data.”

To play Play music data before shutting down, another option is to use the Google export tool. The listener can also choose to delete its GPM information.

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