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Google Pixel 4A: Full Specifications Details

Google Pixel 4a

Google has attempted to replicate the Pixel 3A series: eliminating the expensive hardware aspects of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL while retaining super-fast Android update, rear camera experience, and Pixel-exclusive software features.

Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL are the most exciting devices launched last year. For less than $ 400, you will most likely love the Google Pixel 3 with that great camera. It’s 2020 now, and all eyes are on Google Pixel 4A.

It’s a tall order, but Google seems to be working. As the launch of the Pixel 4A approaches so far, we thought it was time to compile all the rumors we had about the upcoming Mid Ranger. Below, you will find all the information about Google Pixel 4A so far.

Google Pixel 4A New Phone

Google Pixel 4A: Name and Release Date

The Google Pixel series has been linked to the same naming convention since its inception. To put this in perspective, given the leaks we’ve already seen, there is little doubt the name of the upcoming mid-range entry in the series. Outside of some crazy situations, we see the Google Pixel 4A launch as Google’s next mid-range.

Unfortunately, sources close to the Android Authority have confirmed that the Pixel 4A XL will not be available this year. This may come as a disappointment to some fans of the Pixel 3A XL, but it will reduce production costs for Google and help keep the Pixel 4A at an affordable price.

However, when does Google Pixel 4A come out? Google launched the Pixel 3A series in I / O 2019, so it makes sense to repeat that strategy in 2020. If so, Google is likely to launch the new device on or around May 12. The Google I Coronavirus (COVID-19) was launched in O2020 before it was canceled amid fears of spreading.

In early April, some photos of the new Pixel 4A package appeared online, indicating that the release date is imminent. The pictures seem legitimate, but we have to take them with a grain of salt.

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Further reports suggest that Google Pixel 4A will hit European stores on May 22, 2020. This is well suited to Google’s idea to announce the device on or around May 12th. However, this is a very safe bet. Look for Pixel 4A in early May and see it on store shelves (well, virtual store shelves) by the end of May.

Google Pixel 4A: Design

As the standard has changed, we already have a better idea of ​​how Google Pixel 4A serial leaker can be thanks to @OnLeaks. Given below are the CAD files supplied to the factories that manufacture the equipment, the relative accuracy of the Pixel 4A will tell us.

As one might expect, the phone looks like a parade-down Google Pixel 4, which makes perfect sense. One of the square-shaped camera bump Pixel 4 series has a dead-bell, single lens on the back of the device. The white, Google “G” logo and the orange power button all run on the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4a

However, here are some differences. There is no matte-black ring covering the Pixel 4 body, the display cutout has a selfie camera, a headphone jack, and a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back.

The meaning of the fingerprint sensor and display cutout makes sense, however, the transfer of the Pixel 4 Series’s face unlock technology to the Pixel 4A is rare.

Interestingly, after 9to5Google Google reported that the Pixel 4a may not come in the white and orange colors shown above. The outlet says it will come in at least two color variants: Normal Just Black and the new Belly Blue. 9to5Google Note, that the new blue color is “just” blue, may change the white version we see in the above render.

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Months after those renderers went online, photos matching smartphones also appeared online. In these photos, the device is a white lock button, with the white and orange combo seen on the previous render playing the black chassis.

It appears to be the official Google Pixel Cloth phone case. If it’s correct, this fabric cover doesn’t look like any Google we’ve seen from Google before.

Other than that, the phone’s status bar doesn’t have a clock. The two photographs do not show the clock, where it is believed to cast another shadow of doubt on the validity of the images.

On the other hand, the YouTube video posted by TechnoLike Plus alleges that Google Pixel 4A, which corresponds to and render these leaked images. In the video, we see the camera cutout in the left corner, the 3.5mm headphone port on the top, the square rear camera housing on the same shooter at the bottom, and the fingerprint scanner on the back that we expect to see.

Google Pixel 4A Specifications and Features

Along with last year’s Pixel 3A family, Google has cut several high-specs from the Pixel 3 family to keep devices mid-range. Therefore, you should not expect Google Pixel 4A to be a major powerhouse. But this is a kind of thing.

The recent video above gives us a better glimpse of what to expect from the rest of the system’s internal models. The video provides courtesy of some key system specs of the AIDA64 app. The app lists “Sunfish” as the model name and indicates that Google Pixel 4A disables the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset.

We’ve seen top mid-range devices like the RealCame X2, Redmi K30, and the same SoC as the recent Samsung Galaxy A71.

This 700 series chipset is an upgrade to the Pixel 3A’s Snapdragon 670. While the extra processing power is certainly good, hopefully, it won’t increase the price.

The Pixel 4A’s SoC may not be the only chip to see the Pixel 4A’s upgrade. Recent rumors suggest that the Pixel 4a could see a significant bump in reading / write speed for the improved UFS 2.1 flash storage solution in the form of a 64GB SK Hynix chip.

If so, this is a nice upgrade from the Pixel 3A’s 64GB EMMC storage chip, and in some cases offers considerable snapper performance, although it is too quick to guarantee.

Outside of the chipset, the Google Pixel 4A Adreno 618 can come with GPU, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a 5.81-inch 2,340 x 1,080 display, according to the hand-on video.Google Pixel 4a

It also shows what a 3,080 mAh battery and dual SIM support is. It’s not big for budget phones in 2020, but it’s still bigger than the standard Pixel 4 battery. The handset’s RAM configuration is rumored shortly after XDA developers got their hands on the image of its pre-production Pixel 4A bootloader.

On May 4, 2020, Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president for devices and services, tweeted a sneaky screenshot of the Fitbit badge. This screenshot is taken from Pixel 4A. See Status Bar for details. You will see an empty space on the upper-left edge of the status bar where the punch-hole camera is located.

As far as the Pixel 4A camera is concerned, the 9to5Google report states that the handset has a 12.2MP rear-facing sensor with OIS and EIS, and the front-facing camera should be identical to the Pixel 3a’s 8MP sensor.

The report says the Pixel 4’s video recording specs should be moved to the Pixel 4A. New budget handsets should record 1080p video at 30, 60 and 120fps; 720p at 240fps; And 4K at 30fps.

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The 9to5 information also confirms the rest of the information above, that the Pixel 4A could also come with a 128GB variant, which could avoid Google’s Titan M security chip, and it should support 18W fast charging.

Google Pixel 4A: Price and Availability

For the past two years, Google has kept its core prices simple and consistent: the entry price for Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 is $ 799.

With this in mind, can Google do the same with the Pixel 4A series and keep it the same as the Pixel 3A series? If so, the price tag for the Pixel 4A would be $ 399.

Recently leaked campaign materials give the impression that this is the case. Trusted Leaker Ivan Blass (vevleaks) took to Twitter to share some photos of what looks like official Pixel 4A ads edited above the current Pixel, with a starting price of $ 399. Check them out: Check them out:

These hoardings are obviously fake, but the Lees industry has a reliable track record. It is possible that these promotional materials still contain accurate pricing information for the Pixel 4A.

The 9to5Google Pixel 4a claims $ 399. The outlet claims that the handset will come in 64GB and 128GB variants, but if so, the device with higher storage capacity will see a higher cost.

On the other hand, we have some credible evidence to suggest that Google is offering a significant upgrade to the specs section for the Pixel 4A, which is believed to increase the price. Sure, if Google releases the 5G-ready variant of the Pixel 4A, there will definitely be a slight increase in cost.

For availability, this is a difficult question. Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to offering its devices in many locations around the world. 9to5Google claims it works on all major US carriers, and as the Pixel 4a is geared toward price-conscious consumers and emerging markets, it has hit the handset in Europe and India too.

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