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Google One now offers a 5TB storage plan as a middle ground

Google One hasn’t provided an array of storage options that will appeal to heavy users – you’ve had to pay $10 per month for 2TB or $50 per month for 10TB.

It’s a good thing now that there’s an in-between option. 9to5Google observed that Google quietly introduced a 5GB plan for $25 per month, or $250 per year. A 2TB plan is half as expensive as a 10TB plan, and certainly a better value if you do not need anything more than that.

You still get the same Google Store perks, including the Android VPN service, ten percent store credit back on purchases, and Google Expert access. It’s not surprising that adding your family is encouraged.

This comes at the right time. Google ceased to offer free unlimited storage for Photos at the beginning of June, causing headaches for people depending on the service heavily (or Drive in general).

If you are concerned about space, you may be able to sacrifice some backups this way. This also provides a measure of futureproofing. However, you can increase your headroom without paying five times as much, even if 2TB is fine for your needs now.

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