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Google offers some Hangouts Meet features for free for a limited time

With the spread of the new crown virus epidemic around the world, if we ensure that companies or schools can maintain a certain operation during the quarantine period, It has become a problem that many places must face up to.

Google hopes to provide some help in this regard, announcing that G Suite and G Suite for Education users will be able to use some of the paid features of Hangouts Meet for free before July 1, including the number of simultaneously connected meetings increased to 250.


The ability to broadcast to up to 100,000 people in the same domain and record meetings and save them to Google Drive. These features were originally provided by G Suite Enterprise.

According to Google, as more employees, teachers, and students must work and teach remotely because of the new crown epidemic. Google hopes to provide tools to help reduce the burden to support users through this challenge.


Google will also continue to expand infrastructure to ensure smoother and more reliable services during the outbreak. However, this may not be an opportunity for Google.

If more companies try new work styles during the epidemic, and then feel that this does not have much impact on productivity, or even help, wait for the epidemic to end Later, some companies are willing to spend more money to upgrade their accounts.

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