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Google Nest Mini Review: Smart Speaker

Google Nest Mini

The second-generation Home Mini is now called the Nest Mini and has been upgraded. It runs counter to the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, but does it have spare ribs? Google has now renamed its Home product line as a Nest subsidiary.


  • Wall mountable
  • Louder than the Google Home Mini
  • Good voice recognition


  • Average audio quality
  • Sounds shrill at high volumes

The voice assistant has added it to our phones and houses. If you’re using an Android smartphone, chances are you’re already using Google Assistant. Google designed the Home Mini and Home as separate devices with built-in Google Assistant.

These provide people with interactive things and gateways to control other devices such as smart lighting or smart TVs. Amazon has also been introducing Alexa-enabled smart speakers that compete with Google in your home space.Nest Mini

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Google Nest Mini Design and Features

Google retained the core design of the Home Mini but made some minor changes. At first glance, it is almost impossible to distinguish the old Google Home Mini from the new Nest Mini. Google can give it a unique design like Amazon did for the Echo Dot 3rd Gen.

The speaker still has a fabric top made from recycled plastic bottles. Google offers the Nest Mini in four color options: chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky. The speaker’s capacitive controls are hidden under the structural layer. When the device is powered on and the Google Assistant is called, four LEDs light up.Nest Mini Design

The play and pause button is in the middle. The volume control buttons are on the sides and are now backlit, making them easier to hit. When you bring your hand close to the device, these buttons light up and remain off for the rest of the time, making the device look clean.

The bottom of the Google Nest Mini now has a groove that allows you to wall mount the device on a hook. Unlike most other smart speakers sitting on a flat surface, you can place the Nest Mini on the wall, although its power cord will hang down.

There is a physical toggle button on the side to disable the microphone of this unit. Compared to the Google Home Mini’s Micro-USB port, Google switched to the DC jack, so although you can power the original Google Mini with a mobile power source, you can’t do the same for this model.

Google Nest Mini Hardware

The Nest Mini has a quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU clocked at 1.4GHz, but Google hasn’t provided any details about its brand or features.The Google Nest Mini has a state-of-the-art 40mm drive, similar in design to the older Google Home Mini. Google is now equipped with three far-field microphones, an upgrade from its predecessor’s two-microphone array. Supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.

The device also has Chromecast built-in, which means you can cast music or videos directly to your smart TV or any device with a Chromecast dongle.

Three far-field microphones answered our voice without any problems. It also supports voice matching technology, which should be able to identify the person who asked or issued the command and respond based on a personalized context.Google Nest Mini

Using our voice, the device can identify us and get details from the calendar. It can also add entries to our calendar and provide us with navigation instructions for where to look. Not only that, but it can also send the navigation direction directly to the user’s Android smartphone, which is very clever.

You can link your YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Gaana, and Wynk music streaming accounts, and you can also instruct Google Nest Mini which accounts for use when requesting songs.

Google Assistant also has some voice-based games, such as quizzes you can play on this speaker, but the options are limited and you can’t add new skills like you would with an Amazon Echo device.

Google Nest Mini Performance and Sound quality

The google Ok Google command is very well enough to wake the nest mini. We did not notice any noticeable delay when waking the device from idle. Speech recognition is very good, and it can accurately receive our commands even in a crowded room.

With voice matching, the Nest Mini can identify who is speaking and return a personalized response, such as an appointment in a calendar. However, the overall functionality of the device is very limited by the capabilities of Google Assistant.Home Mini Google

Listen to a lot of music and play some quiz games by using Google Nest Mini. We found that the new Nest Mini sounded louder than the device it replaced. Audio quality has also improved, and the sound from the speakers has been reduced.

You will notice some bass, which will make the audio sound full, but at high volumes, it will disappear completely. The Google Nest Mini does not have a 3.5mm audio jack, so you cannot connect external speakers directly to it. However, you do have the option to link it with a Bluetooth speaker, which will give you the better sound quality


If you already own the Google Home Mini, it’s not worth replacing it with the Nest Mini, but if you’re buying a new smart speaker, you should definitely consider using a newer model. Audio quality is not the best, but smart speakers sold at this price don’t sound good. Google Assistant can help it stand out with its excellent speech recognition and integration with the Google ecosystem.

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