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Google Messaging app prepares end-to-end encryption for RCS chat

Google Messages app

In an upcoming version of the Google Messages app, the spot code indicates that RCS is in the end-to-end encryption pipeline for messaging – a Google upgrade to the SMS pushed by Google in the US, UK, and other countries.

Received messages not handled by APKMirror, and according to 9to5Google reports, the app claims end-to-end encryption as an alternative to RCS. The major security upgrade includes iMessage and WhatsApp.

Google Messages app

If we have already lost you completely, RCS (Rich Communication Services) offers some advantages over SMS: good quality photos and videos, read receipts, and many tweaks you can make on your phone in a modern chat app. Expect.

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RCS is slightly different from chat apps like Facebook Messenger or Telegram – it works at a more basic level, so the technology can be built into different applications. At the moment, Google is its biggest fan, so it is integrated into Google Messages on Android.

About APK Insight

Google spoiled the latest version of an app that has been uploaded to the Google Play Store. When Google decompress these files (APKs in the case of Android apps), we can see different types of code in that reference at future features.

Keep in mind that Google may or may not ship these features at all, and our description of what they are is incomplete. Google will try to show you what they look like when they ship it to those close to the end. Keep this in mind

Google APK Insight team immediately dug in to see what’s coming up with the next version of all Google messages. While Google still actively making many changes, one is, essentially, end-to-end encryption for RCS messages.

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