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Google Messages provides us with Android SMS function

Google Android

Did you forget to send a happy birthday text message to your friends? Or do you have an idea in the middle of the night that you desperately want to share with your colleagues, but don’t want to risk disturbing them and risk waking them up? Next time this happens, use Google Messages’ new scheduling tool to choose the exact time and date you want to send the message.

The SMS scheduler is one of several new updates Google has made to its Android app. Google recently announced updates to several of its Android applications, including Google Maps, Google Assistant, and TalkBack.

You need to install the latest version of Google Messages on your phone before you can arrange messages. Please note that this feature does not apply to your phone’s default SMS application, only Google SMS.

If you don’t know how to change the default messaging app, don’t worry when you open Google Messaging for the first time, you will be asked if you want to switch. The easiest way to make sure you have the latest version of Messages is to open the Play Store app, then go to “My Apps” and check for updates.

Google Android
Google Android

How to arrange text using the Google Messages app?

  • When you open the conversation after launching the Google Messages application for the first time and updating to the latest version, you will see a small pop-up window displayed above the “Send” button to let you know that you can schedule a message. This is similar to what you see when scheduling emails in Gmail.
  • To arrange text, first, enter your message, and then long-press the “Send” button. I recommend that you choose a scheduled time before you completely compose the message so that you don’t write the message and send it out accidentally.
  • After long pressing “Send”, you will see a pop-up window with the pre-selected date and time. You can choose one of the suggestions, or click “Select Date and Time”. This will open Android’s date and time picker, allowing you to customize the time when the message is sent.
  • After setting the time, click “Save”.
  • Then you can finish writing out your message. You are not limited to scheduling text messages, you can also add pictures and videos. When finished, click the “Send” button, which should now have a small clock icon on the top of the paper airplane.

How to view, edit or delete scheduled SMS?

  • The planned message will appear in your conversation thread, however, there will be a clock next to it, and a note below it, indicating the “planned message”. If you want, you can hide the message by clicking “Scheduled Mail”.
  • To edit the message or scheduled delivery time, click the clock icon. A menu with three options will be displayed. These options are to update the message, send it immediately or delete the message.
  • The update message will allow you to edit the text or choose another time. Send immediately will send the message immediately. Deleting the message will discard the text.
  • Being able to schedule messages is an essential feature, especially if you often remember to send a message at an inconvenient time, and then eventually forget it.
  • Google Messages is a powerful SMS application with more tricks, such as Google’s Chat function, which can add functions similar to iMessage to Android. Android 12 was also released recently, and there will be many expectations later this year. Or, if you are brave enough, you can install it now.
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