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Google Meet has Surpassed 50 Million Downloads Zoom on Playstore

With more and more people using video calling apps, it’s good to hear that Google Meet now has more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Since Zoom is struggling to keep up with this huge growth, the release of the free-range for Google Meet with more obvious signs in Gmail undoubtedly helps it reach the video calling platform.

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App analytics company AppBrain tracked Google Meat by 5 million downloads at the beginning of March, but 50 million downloads have been lost since its release earlier this month (via Android Police).

Recent issues with the Zoom and Google Meat marketing campaigns may help push the download figure and userbase further, but COVID-19 is undoubtedly the catalyst for this large-scale recent development. As more and more businesses turn to remote work, Meat offers a great free option that is more secure than Zoom.

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Dropping the G Suite limit will make Google Meet more attractive downloads, allowing many large gatherings, conferences, and more to be hosted online. Google Duo has increased the group calling limit to 12 in recent weeks, but for larger gatherings, meat proves to be a good option.

More features are forthcoming in the coming months, by which time the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown will become more clear. However, download figures are likely to increase in the coming months, with Google being free to everyone until at least September.

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