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Google may allow U.S. Google employees to return to the office in April

Google said on Wednesday that Google employees are likely to welcome some employees back to its offices in the United States starting next month because the company is advancing its reopening plan and more people are vaccinated against COVID-19.

A Google spokeswoman said that the current work in the office to participate in meetings is voluntary, and the capacity of these facilities will be limited. The plan will depend on several different factors, including the downward trend in coronavirus cases and the increase in vaccine supply.

The company does not require google employees workers to be vaccinated before returning to the office but strongly encourages this.

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After the pandemic broke out, Google was one of the first big companies to let google employees work from home. After more than a year, the company increasingly tried to create a more stable working environment. Facebook said last week that it will bring some employees back to its California office in May.

Google didn’t need to attend the meeting in person until the technology giant adopted a hybrid work model in September.

Last December, Google CEO Sundar Pichai developed a plan that requires google employees to work in the office for at least three days while working remotely for the other days. But he said that the new plan may not apply to all employees, such as engineers who spend a lot of time in the data center.

Other technology companies are also beginning to reconsider the work of their offices after the pandemic. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last year that the social networking giant will allow some employees to work from home permanently. He said that in the next five to ten years, about half of Facebook’s employees will be able to work remotely.

Twitter also made a similar announcement, and CEO Jack Dorsey also extended the policy to his other company, the mobile payment company Square.

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