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Google Maps updates help with driving and delivery in the COVID-19 era

Google Map

During the holidays, the COVID-19 pandemic will arrive, and Google reflects this reality in its navigation apps. The company is rolling out Google Maps updates to help you navigate the COVID-19 situation as needed and take care of your food needs while (hopefully) at home.

First, Google will use more detailed information about the new coronavirus in a given area to update the COVID layer of Maps on Android and iOS, including links to local authority resources.

If you have no choice, you must at least know the rules of your destination. The map also shows the level of congestion on public transportation through real-time feedback, so you will know if getting on the bus is too risky.

  • Google is rolling out multiple Maps updates to help deal with the reality of COVID-19.
  • Now you will get more information about COVID-19 cases and local regulations and can track your takeaway orders in real-time.
  • There is also an assistant driving mode preview that can read your text, otherwise, your site will always be on the road.

Google Map

These updates will arrive in the “coming weeks”.

If you decide to order, you will be able to track meals more easily. Google Maps mobile users in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and India can now track food delivery and delivery orders in real-time.

You need to order via Google Maps, but you will know when to place an order or how close the delivery is to the door. You will also see delivery fees, waiting times, and options to reorder previous orders.

You will even see the reservation status in the restaurant, although it will obviously be useless during the pandemic.

When you do need to drive, you may focus on the road more easily. Google Maps provides American users with a preview version of the long-term Assistant driving mode.

When you start navigating, select the pop-up option and you will get a simplified way to track messages, play audio, and answer calls with minimal interference.

You can use your voice to send or answer calls, and the assistant will read your text aloud to prevent you from reading the phone screen.

This is an unusual version of Maps for Google-ideally, you would not use most of these features when you are at home during the holidays, minimizing the risk of catching COVID-19.

However, they may still be useful when you do need to leave, and features such as food tracking will be very useful for a long time after the pandemic subsides.

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