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Google makes it easier for you to test experimental features in Chrome


It turns out that increasing the pace of Chrome updates is not the only change Google plans for its web browser. In a tweet found by 9to5Google (via XDA Developers), Alex Ainslie, the head of Chrome design, detailed a new feature that makes it easier to try out any experimental features that Google is developing.

Starting this week, the Canary version of the browser includes a beaker icon where you can enable experimental features and send feedback to the Chrome team.

In the past, trying to experiment in Chrome meant enabling flags. If you don’t know what you are doing, this can make it difficult for them to access.

It may not be easy at first glance which features you have enabled. Ainslie said that Google is adding menus to gather more feedback on updates in development.

To this end, the beaker icon will also be applied to the developer and Beta version of Chrome. This means you don’t have to use the most unstable version of Chrome to see what Google offers users.

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