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Google makes it easier for you to log off your phone number to receive RCS messages

Google RCS massages

Google has quietly launched a new tool (via Android Police) that makes it easier to log off the number you used for its first-party RCS-enabled Messages platform. It can solve any missing text problems that may be encountered after switching applications or platforms.

By enabling the “Turn off chat function”, you can already log out the number in the “Settings” page of the “Messages” application. However, the tool discovered by Reddit users can log you out even if you don’t have a previous device.

Similar to the web-based utility that Apple released for iMessages a few years ago, all you need to do is enter the phone number you use and wait for a six-digit verification code. If you decide to switch applications or platforms, you may need to turn off the chat function of the phone number to ensure that you will not miss any messages sent to you.

Google RCS massages

When switching from iMessage to Android Messages (and vice versa), not receiving messages is a common problem. Switching from Google’s first-party Messages app to the device’s default app (for example, Samsung Messages), or vice versa, will also cause the same problem.

The tool seems very easy to use. According to Android Police, if it is associated with the operator’s RCS system, it will even tell you if you can’t cancel your number.

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