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Google launches “Prince”, a new standard Nest brand smart speaker

Google New Speaker

According to the 9to5Google website, Google plans to launch a new Nest-brand smart speaker. We learned that the device looks simple and unfamiliar, and is very suitable for Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and the structure-based design language of Google Home Max, which has not yet been renamed.

the 9to5Google said that the device code-named “Prince” is the Prince, it has no display, and is similar to Sonos One. This will mean a larger speaker driver-a significant improvement over the original Google Home, which has a “high-offset speaker with a 2-inch driver” and according to the Google Store, and is no longer available.

This will put the sound capabilities of the device between the original Google Home and Google Home Max, which has two woofers and two tweeters.

Google New Speaker

In terms of software, 9to5Goole reporter said that the device will be equipped with the usual Google Assistant to support the company’s other smart speaker products. We don’t yet know of any unique software features, but it’s best to build on existing features. Features such as stereo speaker pairing which will initially be shown with its peer Google Home Max.

We are not sure what the final marketing name of Nest Brand House is and when it will be released. With the release of Pixel, 4A seems to be delayed, Google may not wait until the fall to launch new hardware products. As for the price, we speculate that the price of this new speaker will be higher than the original Google Home, but lower than Home Max.

Google declined to comment on the matter.

The original Google Home was launched in 2016, along with the first Google Pixel, Chromecast Ultra, Daydream VR headset (Peaceful RIP), and Google Wifi. The following year, based on the original design, Google added more appearances to the fabrics later known as Home Mini and Home Max, thereby retaining the customizability of the original replaceable protective sleeve.

Google’s planned products for 2020 include budget-friendly Pixel 4A smartphones, less high-end Pixel 5, Nest/Chromecast dongle codenamed Sabrina, and Android TV, and possibly more. Pixel buds are in the rearview.

Source: 9t05Google and Google News 

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