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Google is working hard to fix crashes Android App

Some Android apps are currently crashing for some people, but Google is in the process of fixing them. The problem is caused by a system component called Android System WebView, which enables Android applications to display web content, but there is currently a problem that causes the application to crash.

Google said in a statement: “We know that there is a problem with WebView, which caused some users’ Android applications to crash.” “We are currently working to fully verify the scope and are in the process of repairing it.”

Some users say that deleting the latest update of WebView should solve this problem-in fact, Samsung’s US official support Twitter account recommends this step.

Google also confirmed the issue with Gmail for Android on the Google Workspace status page. The company recommends using the desktop interface until the problem is resolved.

This afternoon, many Android users suddenly popped up notifications on their devices, saying that the application has stopped running. Many applications that cause errors cannot be opened suddenly, including important applications such as Gmail, some banking applications, Google Pay, etc.

There are reports on this issue on DownDetector, Reddit, and Twitter, and Google’s Workspace Cloud Status Dashboard confirmed that they already know that there is a problem with the Gmail app on Android. According to status messages, this issue will be updated before 8:05 PM Eastern Time.

Google Android
Google Android

If you encounter this problem, the method that many people can use is to go to the Google Play store on the device and uninstall the latest update to the system app called “Android System WebView”.

The application can provide Chrome-like browser rendering capabilities within the application. According to developers and end-users, many errors people see indicate that the problem lies here.

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