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Google is suspected of bringing advantages to its advertising system through special projects


Texas believes that it may have an advantage in antitrust lawsuits against Google. MLex and The Wall Street Journal found unedited court documents showing that Google ran a program called the Bernanke Plan, which allegedly gave its ad-buying system an advantage over its competitors.

The Internet giant used data from publishers’ ad servers to guide advertisers to the price they had to pay for ad placements but did not inform the publishers who sold these ads.

Texas claims that this is equivalent to insider trading because it can use exclusive information to weaken the competitive advertising buying system and pay publishers less money.

An internal speech in 2013 showed that Bernanke planned to earn 230 million US dollars that year. Texas believes this is evidence that Google uses its advantages.


Google acknowledged the existence of Bernanke in court documents but said it did nothing wrong. The company stated that this information is “comparable” to the information you find in other ad-buying tools.

A spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the Texas complaint “distorts” most of its advertising business and intends to challenge the state in court. It points to the decision of the British regulator that there is no advantage.

Regardless of which interpretation is correct, court documents indicate how Texas intends to proceed with its antitrust case-it firmly believes that Google is making arrangements behind the scenes (for example, a reported “sweetheart deal” with Facebook) to put itself in There is an unfair advantage in competition. .

If the court agrees to the basic premise, the country may have a strong case, but if opinions differ, it will be serious trouble.

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