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Google is investigating the handling of sensitive data by AI researchers

After Google detected that “thousands of files have been stolen from one account” and shared them with others, it is investigating an artificial intelligence researcher. Margaret Mitchell, the co-head of the EthicalAI department, has been turned away from this matter.

The survey was made after Timnit Gebru, another prominent AI researcher, withdrew fiercely last month. He said Mitchell was told that she would be kept in confinement for a few days.

According to an Axios source, Mitchell used automated scripts to search her messages to obtain examples of discriminatory treatment of Gebru.

It said in a statement: “Our security system automatically locks the employee’s company account when it discovers that the employee’s credentials have been compromised due to credential issues or when automatic rules involving sensitive data processing are triggered.” For example, yesterday Our system has detected that one account has stolen thousands of files and shared these files with multiple external accounts. ”

As Bloomberg pointed out, Mitchell expressed support for Gebru on Twitter and criticized how Google and other tech giants deal with gender, race, and systemic prejudice.

On Tuesday, Mitchell criticized Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s upcoming meeting with leaders of historic black colleges and universities.

Gebru is black and worked with Mitchell on an ethical AI team. He claimed that Google fired her. She has said that if the company does not meet her requirements, she may resign. Google closed Gebru’s email access and told her reports about her resignation.

Thousands of Google employees, academics, and others signed an open letter in support of Gebru. Pichai apologized for how the company handled the resignation issue and promised to investigate. Google employees soon formed a union.

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