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Google is currently involved in a full class-action lawsuit over whether it paid women less


According to a Bloomberg report, four women working for Google have achieved class-action standing for their gender equality proceeding against the search engine company, permitting them to represent 10,800 women.

The lawsuit alleges that in violation of California’s Equal Pay Act, Google pays men ladies girls for similar work, and Google pays its female workers or so $ 1 more per year than their male counterparts within the same roles $ 17,000 less paid. 

The women sued in 2017, claiming that they were placed on a lower career track than their male colleagues — the supposed “job ladder” that resulted in them receiving lower bonuses and salaries. the women have since left Google.

“It’s a very important day for Google and women within the technology sector, and that we are happy with our brave customers,” Kelly Dermody, a lawyer representing women, wrote in an email to Bloomberg. “This order suggests that companies must prioritize paying women equitably over hard cash fighting in litigation.”

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Plaintiffs weren’t the only ones to accuse Google of consistently underpaying female staff in 2017; The U.S.A. Department of Labor additionally sued Google for withholding compensation figures that year, and concluded 3 months later that Google was chargeable for “systemic compensation disparities against women throughout the workforce”.

Google in the agreement earlier this year to pay staff and job candidates $ 2.5 million over alleged pay and hiring discrimination.

The Google spokesperson didn’t directly address the lawsuit’s class-action scenario however said the company had conducted a “rigorous pay equity analysis” annually for the past eight years.

“If we discover a distinction in pay offered between men and women, we tend to build an upward adjustment to get rid of them before the new compensation takes impact,” the spokesperson said, adding that last year alone Google employed 2,352 employees.

Google had over 135, 000 staff, as of December, and rumored a profit of $ 17 billion within the last quarter alone.

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