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Google I/O claims that Android 12 may include changes to widgets and notifications

Just before the start of Google I/O on Tuesday, a new leak purportedly is a preview of what will happen during the annual developer conference and can give you insight into how Android 12 will look. Jon Prosser’s new video shows the slides from the Android 12 presentation.

The first slide sets the desired content:

“Better new experience,” “Strong privacy and security protection,” and “All devices can work better together.”

Google io
Google io

The standard caveats about leaked materials apply, of course; there’s no guarantee that the final interface will seem like it may be introduced more during I/O. But the most exciting slide in Prosser’s video indicates what appears to be a new user interface for Android 12, together with a new media widget, a brightness toggle,  A weather widget, an analog clock widget, a snooze/push aside toggle, and stacked notifications.

Previous leaks of Android 12 have proven stacked widgets, which appear much like the Smart Stacks delivered in iOS 14. We’ve additionally visible in advance leaks through XDA Developers that confirmed new subject matters and a communique widget for Android 12.

Googles developer previews of Android 12 have protected many minor tweaks and developer-targeted functions while hinting at a few giant UI modifications that have been rumored, together with the stacked widgets and a brand new lock display with large clock text.

If today’s leak roundup details are accurate, Android 12 can be the most significant overhaul of the OS in several years. We will find out extra in a few days while the annual I/O conference kicks off.

Prosser indicates what he says is a video from I/O that demonstrates updated notifications, a brand new keyboard design, and a new lock screen with an enormous clock, which appears to confirm the earlier leaked information.

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