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Google Home Mini (Nest Mini) Review: High Sound Quality

Slight Difference in Appearance...

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Let’s review the Google Home Mini successor model “Google Nest Mini” released by Google. There have been only a few cosmetic changes from the Home Mini, it is now possible to hang on the wall, and new colors have been added to better fit the interior.

Google Home Mini was able to adjust the volume by tapping the side, Nest Mini added an LED, making it easier to understand where to tap.

Google Nest Mini

There are Home Mini and two Nest Minis, but according to Google, the biggest evolutionary point is the improvement of sound quality. Especially the bass is reinforced, and the bass can be played twice as powerful at the maximum volume.

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Compared to listening to the Home Mini, the bass is well separated from the treble, making it powerful and expanding the dynamic range of the sound. However, it is often the case with other audio products, the difference in sound quality is “a level that you can’t understand unless you listen to it”.

Stereo Playback in Combination with the Home mini is not possible

There are also notes for Home Mini users. We can pair two Home Minis and enjoys music with stereo playback. On the other hand, “Nest Mini” released this time cannot be paired with “Home Mini”. To enjoy stereo playback, you need to have two Nest Minis.

Home Mini Google

We expected that it could be partially added to the stereo environment built with Home Mini, but we couldn’t but in addition, group playback can be performed without problems.

Google’s Nest Mini will replace Home Mini

An anonymous source talking with Google said that Google Nest is reportedly developing a 2nd generation Google Home Mini called Nest Mini.

Google Home Mini

The Nest Mini is the same size as the 1st generation of the Google Home Mini – roughly equal to the size of the hockey – but with a larger volume and better bass. The VentureBeat test review found that the Home Mini sounded better than Amazon’s 2nd generation Echo Dot.

Echo Dot and Home Mini are usually two of the world’s best-selling smart speakers.

The nest mini will also be mounted on the wall, and one can help keep the speaker as low as possible. Third-party manufacturers first built wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted brackets for small smart speakers, but the products offered by the first party may become popular, potentially eliminating the confusion of sight and wires. The stand also allows the speaker to be easily placed in multiple rooms in the house.

Google Home Mini Speaker

According to reports, the Nest Mini will also have proximity sensing to detect when people are nearby and include a 3.5mm stereo jack. It is not clear whether the jack supports audio input or output. According to sources, the price has not yet been determined, but it may remain at around $49.

The Nest Club debuted in an event created by Google’s hardware this fall, perhaps next to the pixel 4. The first Google Home Mini debuted at the event held in San Francisco in October 2017.

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