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Google Gmail makes it easy to transfer photos to Google Photos

Google gmail is adding a brand new “Save to Photos” button to Gmail, that you’ll be able to press to automatically save an associated emailed image to Google Photos, the company has declared.

It’ll be rolling workspace individual Gmail users, Google space, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business customers over consecutive weeks and can be available with existing “Add to Drive” buttons. unfortunately it currently only works on JPEG. Sorry PNG stance.

This is an honest time to induce a lot of convenient methods of adding pictures to Google Photos, because the service’s storage choices are undergoing major changes in June.

google gmail
google gmail

At that point, the service’s unlimited storage for “high quality” photos can disappear and get replaced with a 15GB cap. Significantly, any image uploaded before the change is enforced will not count within the new range.

In different words, begin breaking that “Save to Photos” button and build the most of your free uploads while they’re still accessible.

See detailed annotator for full details of future changes to Google Photos next month, as well as how they apply to pixel owners who have received free Google Photos uploads as a part of their purchases.

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