Google Fi erroneously charged customers $0 for this month

Google Fi Erroneously charged customers $0 for this month

When some subscribers opened the Google Fi bill for this month, they must have thought they received a gift from MVNO because it showed that they did not have to pay for this month’s service.

Unfortunately, this is not a pandemic adjustment, but the error that caused this error. Since then, Google apologized for the “technical problem” and notified the affected customers that they would pay two months’ bill in the next month’s bill. Thank you very much, Google.

The 9 to 5 Google said that, on average, Google Fi users have to pay about $30 to $80 per month, because this is a service you can provide as you wish. So, imagine that some customers will be surprised when they receive a $0 bill this month and notify them that “no fees will be charged this month”.

Google FI
Google Fi

Last month’s data indicated that they used 0 GB of storage space and might incur a $0 fee. But the chances of you not using WiFi are very small, especially when many of us are staying at home.

When the customer started contacting Google Fi customer service to find out whether this was true or false, the sales representative said that the company was aware of the problem, so they wanted to receive an updated email.

Sure enough, Google sent an email to the affected users via email and apologized for the problem. They also inform customers that the bill and data usage will be charged to the next bill. Therefore, the money you want to save this month should be reserved for the next month.

Such mistakes will certainly harm the brand, even if they apologize for the mistake/error. Technically, this is not harmful to users, because you should pay for data consumption anyway, but this is very inconvenient.

Let’s see if Google will eventually turn to its Fi customers for help because of this error. At the same time, if you are one of the affected users, you can remind you somewhere that you will pay for two months in the next billing cycle.

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