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Google extends free paid features of Hangouts Meet until the end of September

Google Hangouts Meets

At the beginning of last month, Google announced that it will provide some paid features of Hangouts Meet for free for a limited time until July 1st, and now it is further announced that it will extend the period to September 30th.

This “partial feature” includes the ability to allow live streaming of up to 250 participants, up to 100,000, and the ability to record / store meetings, free of charge to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers.

Google Hangouts Meets

What is Google Hangouts Meets?

Google ’s teleconferencing tool is called Google Meet, and the use of coronaviruses has led to a surge in usage. 

According to Google, since the outbreak of the coronavirus, they have added up to 2 million new Meet users every day, and more than 100 million students and teachers use Google Classroom for teaching.

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When everyone was locked down at home, online chat software unexpectedly became a new battlefield. In addition to Microsoft’s participation in the battle with Skype Meet now, the first Zoom was resisted by many companies and schools because of security concerns, making the situation again confusing.


After the epidemic, many people who are used to using remote work are likely to continue to retain part of the work process to complete through the network, so if you develop a habit of use now, the chance of continuing to use it in the future will also increase.

It is conceivable that several companies that provide remote conference services should not give up this opportunity and continue to expand their territory in the name of fighting the epidemic.

Hangouts, like Google Docs and Sheets, are part of the Google G Suite productivity toolset. It also has the paid product G Suite, which has a version for education, and the enterprise version for large enterprises is called Hangouts Meet. The premium version will be available for free until the end of September.

Google said in a blog post: “We are committed to supporting our users and customers at this challenging time and will continue to expand our infrastructure to support more Hangouts to meet the needs and ensure that we are here The period is simplified and the service is reliably accessed.”

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