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Google Earth’s biggest update in years

Google Earth

It is hard to imagine the impact of climate change and our impact on the planet. Thanks to satellite imagery, we can better understand how our actions will affect our planet in a big way. For many of us, “Google Earth” provides a vantage point for viewing the world in real-time from an external location.

Today, Google announced the biggest update to the service since 2017, and said in a blog post: “Now you can see our planet in a whole new dimension — time.” This will be a 3D-lapse video of the game brought to Google Earth, anyone can watch and download it for free.

You can find the timelapse by opening Google Earth and clicking on the flywheel in the company’s voyager platform. Google uploaded more than 800 of these videos to the catalog to download as MP4 for free to the public.

The figure consists of 2D and 3D videos. Rebecca Moore, director of Earth Engine and Google Earth Outreach, said she is pleased to see that governments, researchers, publishers, educators, and advocates will “use the time-laps in Google Earth to clarify what our planet’s problem is.”

Google Earth
Google Earth

Although 2D time-lapse photography videos already exist through Google Earth, these new 3D features not only show size ratios in some cases but also provide a more immersive experience.

You can see glaciers retreating over the last forty years, and you can also give way to the greenery of the Amazon rainforest.

You can choose the location you want by typing in the search bar, or, if you want Google to only take the lead, you can take one of the five guided tours. Each topic is the transformation of forests, the development of cities, the rise of temperature, the source of energy and the “delicate beauty of our world”.

Moore wrote that the data used to make these timelapse videos was “more than 24 million satellite images from 1984 to 2020.” Google collaborated with NASA (US Geological Survey, European Space Agency (ESA) Copernicus Project) to use Landsat and Sentinel satellite images for this project.

And, if you’re concerned that the energy consumed to produce this environmentally conscious product will lead to the irony here, Moore said that large amounts of calculations for the production of all these materials are “our carbon-neutral, 100% renewable data corresponds to “The Center completed in energy is part of our commitment to creating a carbon-free future. ”

Moore is the same “as we all know, the timelapse in Google Earth is that of the greatest video on Earth, of our planet.” While these animations make it easy to watch, they can be useful for teachers to indicate to students the changes that have taken place in our world over the past few decades.

It can also be a very important tool for scientists and regulators. The World Health Organization would like to make one thing visible to strengthen its proposals. Ultimately, while it looks exciting for potential new homes in the house, it is very essential that we look outside of the Earth that we are in, and get new ways to easily achieve our impact on the planet Can go

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