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Google Docs will allow you to overlay text on images such as is 1997

Google Doc

Google announced some major changes to the workspace at its recent I / O event, including deep connections between its productivity and chat apps. But, while attractive improvements such as “Smart Canvas” could potentially boost collaboration, some of its online tools still lack primary functions.

A new update aims to fix this by bringing the feature available on most word processors to Google Docs. Originally, you can now place an image in front of or behind text when editing a document.

Google Doc
Google Doc

When you click on an image, you will see the new option in the Image Options sidebar and the “Text Wrapping” toolbar.

The update also means that imported or exported Microsoft Word documents will have the same formatting.

According to Google, this feature will help you to better customize your documents regardless of which application you use. Or, you can just use it to make memes.

Yes, it is strange that a function that has been available on Word for decades is now only coming to Docs.

Nevertheless, the fact is that most people are willing to completely ignore the drawbacks of Google Docs because it is free. Addressing some of those limitations cannot hurt, and should help expand its appeal further.

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