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Google detailed the improved fitness exercise user interface on Wear OS, adding custom indicators and goals

Google Fitbit OS

Last week, Google announced important Google Fit updates for Android, iOS, and wearable devices. Google now details some improvements to the Fit workout experience on Wear OS.

Exercise tracking in Google Fit for Wear OS is getting a “simpler user experience and a new design.” Before starting the exercise, it will start on the screen.

The new “flag” button at the bottom allows you to set one of the following five goals: calories, distance, heart score, time, or uncompleted (open) goals.

Once set, the target is displayed in the front and center of the revised statistics screen. Compared to before, everything is larger and better spaced, with three rows occupying the entire screen.

Google Fitbit OS

Your goal (blue) is in the middle, with the average time above and the total time below. After each mile/km, you will get a green alert with split times and trends.

Swiping to the left will show your calories in the middle by default, but you can cycle through the number of steps, (clock) time, and “heart point” by tapping. At the very top of this screen are the heart rate zone monitor and BPM.

Swipe in the other direction to quickly access media controls and settings during exercise. This includes enabling/disabling touch lock on watches running the latest H MR2 update.

This prevents accidental display tapping, and its control is limited to using hardware buttons to pause, resume, and switch screens. Press and hold the power button to disable the lock.

These workout changes will be released this week as an update to the Google Fit app on Wear OS.

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