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Google describes how the Interconnected Matter Smart Home Standard will work on Android and Nest

Google is one of the leading companies behind the upcoming interconnected cross-platform Smart Home Standard Matter, and today, the company has revealed how it will work to support Matter with its Android devices and Nest Smart Home products.

To start, the company is promising that all its Nest displays and speakers will be updated so that they can control the Matter device. 

This means that once the update arrives, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to control any Matter device, whether it’s Google’s smart home platform first Be part of or not.


New Google Smart Home products with threads such as Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Hub Max, and Second-Gen Nest Hub will also serve as the Matter Connection Hub. This will make it easier to install and use Matter-branded smart home products throughout your home.

Google’s support for Matter is also coming on Android phones. The company promises that it will add built-in support for Matter, which will make it easier to set up and control Matter-enabled smart home gadgets through Android apps, Google Assistant, Google Home apps and “just a few taps”. “

As part of that support, thread-enabled Matter devices – such as NanoLeaf’s Essential Bulb – will be supported on Android, based on the local connectivity standard of Google and other smart home platforms for new smart home devices. 

Wave can open. Right now, there are still products like Eve’s HomeKit-exclusive lineup that rely on threads but cannot be used with Android devices at all. The case could potentially change this.

If everything works as promised (again, there are a lot of software updates and agreements that will still have to be followed), for smart home owners, Matter can be a magical solution: a set of tools to install and use Easy with any (or all) smart home software setup.

Google is also announcing a new Google Smart Home Directory, which will include a list of ancillary-compatible products, Q&A, educational videos and reviews.

Finally, the company also announced that it would add Nest cameras to its automated routine, allowing owners to automatically turn their cameras on (or off) as they came and went.

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