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Google Calendar adds a virtual RSVP option for attending events

Google Calendar

Google Calendar – The hybrid work future of working from home is beginning to seem more and more like a reality as companies large and small decide how they will return to working in person. Google will add virtual RSVP options to Google Calendar invites over the next few weeks to accommodate hybrid workplaces.

A new drop-down menu will allow virtual attendees to specify their status, which is accessible by guests and the event host. This listing will help the company better understand what attendees plan to attend, so they can accommodate attendees who won’t be present in the room. 

Currently, the new features are available only for invites in Calendar, but Google plans to add them to invites that appear in Gmail in the future as well.

The new features won’t be available to users of Outlook or iCal, though. RSVP options are only available on Google Calendar.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

It takes more effort to facilitate in-person and virtual work than turning on Zoom (or, to Google’s delight, Meeting) and going about your business.

When you’re seated next to someone, it’s very easy to forget about coworkers, classmates, or friends who are sitting over the internet rather than sitting next to you. It might actually happen without the work-from-home colleague complaining that you have turned on the video so everyone can see you and shared information both physically and digitally.

Workspace is also a fluid, interoperable workspace where productivity can take place, connecting products together (allowing video calls right next to a Google Doc), letting you @ tag someone, and many more features. Work schedule flexibility with custom notifications and status notifications.

According to Google, the new RSVP options will appear gradually over the next couple of weeks, starting on July 8th.

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