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Google brings free retail list to “search” page


Earlier this year, Google announced that it would allow businesses to obtain free retail products on the US “Google Shopping” label. This is mainly to help e-commerce caused by human coronavirus for those who go online for the first time or transfer most of their business to e-commerce.

They said that although it is currently only sold in the United States, user engagement has greatly increased. Now, they bring these free lists to the Google search page.

Although this can certainly help sellers bring products to the market without paying for advertising, this free product information is also good for consumers because they now have more choices, whether they are paid buyers or maybe The seller you want.

Google Doodle

A free product catalog will enable Google to provide you with the best choice for the product you need, and you may buy it online rather than in the store.

Previously, you could only see sponsored links in the product knowledge panel of Google Search. Now, if there are retail products that match the product you are looking for, you will see free products on the panel of Google search results.

Paid shopping ads are still at the top of the page, and it will be marked as a paid ad along with other regular Google ad units.

This means that the business can choose how to display it, if you have a budget, it can be used as a paid result in search results, or as part of a free e-commerce list panel.

Google says that since they transferred to free business information in Google Shopping, the number of clicks has increased by 70% and the number of impressions has increased by 130%. They hope to copy or even improve this feature on the main page of Google search.

Free business information is currently only available in the United States. It will be available on mobile devices first and then on desktop computers. If they will eventually expand to other countries, there is no news.

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