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Google Assistant will soon support controlling stylers and more doorbells

Google Assistant

With the huge and ever-expanding IoT library, Google Assistant has been playing a cat-and-mouse game to support all content. Last night, Google erroneously updated its assistant developer documentation to include doorbell and styler device types, which will soon be widely supported.

Just less than two weeks ago, we saw freezers and air coolers added to the list of supported devices, and this list continues to grow. The Google Assistant developer documentation was updated before midnight last night (PST), and the new part of the device type is marked as “confidential material.”

The red warning slogan indicates that these devices are suitable for “EAP” (Early Access Program) users and should not be discussed without authorization. There is no public presence of EAP for assistant developers, so this leads us to believe that it is only invited. After a few hours, the page was cleared, but the screenshot always exists.

Google Assistant

Considering that the doorbell can already be integrated with the Assistant, it is now strange to provide developers with support for the doorbell. Google’s own Nest Hello is one of the most important entries in this category, and it has been possible for some time to announce visitors through the Google Home device.

Nest Hello does not seem to be the only supported doorbell, which makes this equation even more confusing. This move may be to support more doorbells on the machine to open features such as guest announcements.

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The styler is a device I was not familiar with before, but according to the documentation, it is located within the range of the washing machine of the dryer.

Styler is a unique device that can make clothes fresh by steaming and disinfecting. Many of its functions are similar to those of a washer/dryer, including the ability to start, stop, and pause, adjust various modes and settings and provide information about its current operating state.

Smart doorbells Google

Although smart doorbells are widely available today, you may soon find it difficult to find smart shapers. These list entries only indicate support for such devices, which means that it is just beginning to appear on the market.

This kind of support is further delayed only by such support from EAP developers. As more and more devices join the Google Assistant series and the wider Internet of Things.

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