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Google Assistant is now available for Chromebooks

Goole Operating System 77 Base Read

Google Assistant is now available for Chromebooks

Google Assistant is now available for most Chromebooks and it is widely available for Chromebooks to make the devices as a platform powers from Google. The new feature is built by user-friendly for all users to use Google Assistant – all you have to do click on the assistant logo from the launcher or say “Hey Google”.

Goole Operating System 77 Base Read

                      Google Assistant is powered by voice AI which is used to be a Pixel exclusive, trough adventurous users. It is able to switch it on as a hidden feature for a while if they’re in one of Chrome operating system is running in beta versions.

                    The new version of Google OS 77 assists you to do more things that you can do from Google Assistant. There are some of the new features released in the version which lets users control audio from the one place. If your video suddenly starts playing in many, many tabs – you can easy to mute or control your device.

                   There is a bottom right corner of the screen in a new version of OS 77 which lets you easily access those controls by clicking on the bottom. And besides, that Assistant is now also easier for parents to add screen time for their kids within the Family Link App.

                    There is another updated in Google OS 77 is battery saving. OS 77 comes with a battery-saving measure and that can able to switches off the devices after 3 days of standby mode.

Google Assistant Base Read

                   The new updates make it very easier to send web pages to another device. And it is very easy to use – users need to do it is just click on the address bar and choose “Send to your devices” option. These are new features released with Chrome OS 77.

                   And Google confirmed about the update and says “will be progressively rolling out over the coming days.” Those who still haven’t got a new update of OS 77.

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