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Google Assistant can now be used with the Stadia controller on the TV

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When Google initially announced its cloud gaming concept to the world at GDC 2019 – Stadia was destined to be compatible with Google Assistant. You can perform certain functions, such as calling up a level of video tutorials that you think are difficult to beat, or answering gameplay queries about action-adventure titles.

This idea is forward-looking, and now it has begun to take shape because you can use Google Assistant when playing games on TV with Chromecast Ultra.

The Stadia controller (with a dedicated Google Assistant button) clearly shows Google’s plan ahead. Pressing the button will activate the assistant on the TV screen. In other words, this feature is still very basic, because it can solve your queries, such as weather updates or other common-sense issues.

Google Assistant

I can’t start music or video playback at this time. In addition, if you make any query related to the game, such as “How to clear this level”, it is not possible yet.

The bottom of the Stadia controller has a microphone built-in for this, and now you can use it. To make the operation more intuitive, when the microphone is listening.

The indicator light of the controller will flash. However, before using this feature, you must enable Google Assistant support from the application settings.

If you try to use this function while playing on a smartphone or browser, the function will not be available. To be sure, Google Stadia will bring more features to TV assistants, and will also introduce support for mobile devices and browsers. When it happens, it will be interesting.

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