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Google and Samsung are merging Wear OS and Tizen

Google wear

In yet another signal of the developing alliance between Google and Samsung, today, both organizations introduced that they’re basically combining Wear OS, Google’s operating system and the Tizen-based software program platform that has been foundational to Samsung’s wearables for many years. The resulting platform is presently being mentioned simply as “wear,” though that won’t be the final name.

The benefits of the combined effort include huge enhancements in battery life, 30 percentage faster loading times for apps, and animations.

It also simplifies life for developers and will create a central smartwatch OS for the Android platform. Google is also promising more apps and more selection of watch faces than ever before.

Google wear
Google wear

Wired has more information about the time to come, including that Samsung will stick with its popular rotating bezel on future devices but has finished making Tizen-only smart watches. 

There will also be a version of Google Maps that works standalone (meaning without being near your phone) and a YouTube music app that supports offline download. Oh, and Spotify will also support offline download on the Wear smartwatch.

Björn Kilburn of Google wrote in a blog, “All device manufacturers will add a customized user experience on top of the platform, and developers will use the Android tools they already know and use as a platform and ecosystem to cook for. ” Post.

Samsung confirmed that its next Galaxy Watch will run on this integrated platform. And future “premium” Fitbit devices will also run the software.

Besides merging the technologies of both platforms, the new Ware OS will include improvements that make it easier to multitask between wrist apps. And some of Fitbit‘s “most popular” fitness tracking features will also be included to help develop the platform as a fitness tool.

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