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Gmail mobile app gets a dedicated Google Meet label

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With the rise of video conferencing, Google is increasingly promoting Google Meet in its products. Gmail for Android and iOS has added a dedicated “meeting” label and can quickly make/receive calls within the app.

Update 7/20:

After coming to iOS last week, Google officially announced today that the Meet in Gmail integration is now available for Android. Version 2020.06.28.320626991 has been widely launched through the Play Store today.

If you do not receive the prompt after the update, please try to “Force Stop” from the “Application Information” page of the system, and then restart Gmail.

Otherwise, the “Meet” tab will be fully available in the next 15 days. A useful feature is an unread count on the “Mail” icon in the bottom bar. Google just announced that chat rooms and chat rooms will also join Gmail.

Google Meet Application

Update 7/13:

Google announced today that the Meet tab will be launched on iOS first and will be widely used in the next two weeks.

It is “coming soon” to Android, and the company clarified that “G Suite education accounts that cannot create meeting video conferences will not see the “Meeting” tab.” These users are required to use the Meet client dedicated to Android/iOS.

Original 6/16:

Google’s reason for this integration is how it wants you to “easily join a video conference from your inbox.” On the web, this is shown as a “meeting” shortcut in the sidebar, and mobile apps will see a new tab at the bottom of the screen.

The “Meet” tab will display a list of “My Meetings” of all upcoming scheduled calls. After clicking on any URL from this view in an email or third-party application, you will be taken to a new preview screen that provides basic information such as the duration of the call and who you are calling.

This screen will record which account you want to “joining as” and check the video feed before joining. Although the client will remain available with some adjustments, this Meet experience in Gmail will replace the standalone Google Meet application when opening the link.

The big blue “new meeting” button above allows you to “get the meeting link to share”, “start an instant meeting” or “arrange a time in Google Calendar”. You can also choose to quickly “Join with a code”.

At the same time, the features you use in Gmail will be located under the “Mail” tab. Google realizes that some people may not like the bottom bar to occupy the screen, so you can disable and use Gmail regularly like the web.

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