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GitHub admits that it “made a major mistake” in firing Jewish employees


GitHub admitted that a Jewish employee was wrongfully fired and provided it to him. The news was released after the company hired an independent law firm to investigate the termination of the contract and discovered that it had “made a major mistake.” Carrie Olesen, the company’s head of human resources, will also resign.

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman wrote in an internal message to employees on January 16: “Last night, the investigation concluded that a major mistake was made that was inconsistent with our internal practices or leaders’ expectations.” He said The company will apologize publicly on its blog this weekend.

Erica Brescia, chief operating officer of GitHub, said in the post: “We want to publicly express to our employees: We apologize.”

The controversial dismissal occurred two days after employees warned colleagues in Washington, DC to stay away from the Nazis-this was the first news reported by Business Insider.

He made this announcement on the day of the rebellion in Washington on January 6, when rioters associated with neo-Nazi organizations swept the Capitol.


The warning sparked criticism from a colleague who used the term “Nazi” to offend him and prompted GitHub’s human resources team to condemn the Jewish employee. Two days later, he was fired.

After the termination of the contract, about 200 of GitHub’s 1,700 employees signed an open letter asking for clarification on why the employee was fired. Workers also began to use the term “Nazi” repeatedly in Slack to describe the insurgents in the District of Columbia.

“Others have said it, but I just want to be clear about what I mean I think the Nazis showed up at some protests on January 6, and it was very scary to see these ideas displayed,” Slack Wrote an engineer. “There are 100% Nazis there, and 1 billion% of Nazis are as damn frightening as they are not belonging anywhere. Especially on GitHub!” another response.

Friedman emphasized in a note to employees this weekend that employees (the company calls “hawkers”) are allowed to talk about their fears of white supremacists.

He wrote: “Players are free to express concerns about neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism, white supremacy or any other form of discrimination or harassment.” “Of course, we hope Hubbers can be respectful, professional, and always abide by GitHub. Policy on discrimination and harassment.”

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