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Giant tech companies plan to start bringing employees back to the office

Giant Tech Companies

According to news, the Giant tech companies plan to start bringing employees back to the office. Due to Bloomberg News, after Facebook has been working remotely for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook plans to resume face-to-face work in May.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the remote work plan before the pandemic began, which promised that about half of its employees could work remotely in the next five to ten years, but before that, at least Work in person within a limited capacity.

Facebook is reopening its offices in the Bay Area, including its Menlo Park headquarters, but is limiting production capacity to less than 10%. Bloomberg wrote that the company expects its largest office to reach 50% capacity in September.

Giant Tech Companies
Giant Tech Companies

In addition to limiting how many people work nearby, Facebook also plans to require masks, social evacuations, and weekly COVID-19 tests.

Giant Tech Companies to start Responding Offices in May 2021

Giant Tech Company Uber hopes to return to work on-site as soon as possible. According to Reuters, the ride-sharing company announced that it will reopen the capacity of its San Francisco Mission Bay headquarters on March 29, limiting its capacity to 20%.

Uber plans to follow COVID-19 restrictions similar to Facebook, requiring faces to be covered, cleaning regularly, and requiring employees of sick family members to stay home. Before this reopening plan, Uber kept its office employees working from home until mid-September 2021.


Other technology companies inside and outside California are taking a more mixed approach or just haven’t announced plans yet.

Twitter has taken a big step and made working from home indefinitely an option for all employees at the beginning of the pandemic.

A Twitter spokesperson said that the company did not have a specific date for reopening offices, but “it will be gradual, office by office, and have a 20% start-up capacity.”

Giant tech companies  Google and Microsoft are studying a future hybrid working model, and Microsoft will reopen its headquarters in Redmond, Washington on March 29. The company also hopes that part-time work will become the standard for all office employees.

Google’s plan is not yet certain, but Google said employees will be able to work from home until September 2021, and it will explore only requiring employees to work three days a week.

Apple did not respond to requests to expand its in-person work plan, but it is reported that Apple has ordered some employees to return to their offices as early as May 2020.

Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are some of these technology companies, and they say that even after the pandemic is brought under control, some employees can continue to work permanently in remote locations.

There are still risks involved in indoor work with others in close quarters, and vaccination does not guarantee that the virus will not spread. But as the Giant tech companies return to any “normal” working conditions after the pandemic, there seems to be a guarantee that remote work will not disappear completely in the short term.

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