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French lawsuit accuses Ubisoft of institutional harassment


Ubisoft is being sued over alleged sexual harassment inside the company. In an article published today by Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun, Solidaires Informatiques and two former Ubi Soft employees claim that the developer enabled a culture of sexual harassment. They claim Ubisoft tolerated misconduct rather than address problems.

Ubisoft executives and employees are named in the suit, including former managers Cecile Cornet (director of human resources), Tommy Francois (editorial vice president) and Serge Hascot (global creative director). Aside from members of senior management being under scrutiny for direct involvement, company’s CEO Yves Guillemot is inherently “responsible” for everything the company does.

According to Kotaku, company has “no further details to share” regarding the allegation against the gaming giant. The company previously stated that all claims had been investigated and a response had been made.

These allegations were already being complained about because company had not fully addressed them. According to Bloomberg sources, accused managers remain in their positions, and staff were complaining of sexist and racist activity that was not addressed.

It is impossible to predict whether Ubisoft will be forced to change its organizational structure if the lawsuit fails. It’s evident, however, that the company’s initial attempts did not satisfy employees. IfUnless Ubi takes more drastic measures, it might be unable to stop misconduct and ensuing problems.

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