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Fox is building a blockchain animated series with Rick and Morty producers

Fox has introduced Rick and Morty producer Dan Harmons upcoming animated comedy Krapopolis, if you want to be “the first fully animated series on the blockchain.”  

The corporation plans to generate buzz for the show with its new NXT organization known as Blockchain Creative Labs, THR reports. 

Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier informed advertisers during his enhance presentation Monday that “as an advertiser-targeted, artist-first and animation-obsessed company, Fox takes advertisers into the arena of blockchain-pushed tokens, which include NXT Has been. ”  

It will release a dedicated marketplace for Krapopolis, a show set in legendary historic Greece “targeted on a flawed family of humans, gods and demons who attempted to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other.” is.” 

NXT Bad Luck Brian, Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat, of some famous mimes, have proved appealing to their creators.  


The Disaster Girl image, whose actual name is Zoe Roth, offered for $ 500,000 and Nyan Cat producer Chris Torres bought the meme for about $ 600,000. 

According to Fox, the market will “curate and promote digital goods starting from one-of-a-type character and history art and GIFs to NXT, in addition to tokens that offer a unique social experience to have interaction and reward outstanding fans.”  

Show characters and art work turns into NXT collectibles – due to the fact when you could promote them GIFs as NXT why provide your display to Internet GIFs for free? 

An entire show that will produce NXT-ready content, however, is a new twist on the idea, and Krapopolis is becoming quite popular to attract bidders. 

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