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Fossil is not upgrading its existing wearables to the new Wear OS


Fossil executives Greg McKelvey and Steve Prokup told CNET that the company’s existing Wear OS watches won’t be upgraded to the new Android Wear software platform from Samsung and Google.

The company plans to introduce a premium watch with “pretty major hardware upgrades” as well as discounting current models.

CNET reports that Fossil’s Gen 6 watch will offer similar performance, battery life, new chips, and LTE cellular capabilities to upcoming models from Google and Samsung. 


“We’ll be incorporating all of the software benefits that Google has been describing and launching with the unified platform”, McKelvey said.

It was revealed last month at Google I/O that a new smartwatch platform for Android will be based on Wear OS and Samsung Tizen.

As far as the company’s next Wear OS watch goes, Fossil executives didn’t share much insight. In the interview, Prokup said, “I think you’re going to see a variety of offerings not so much that you’ll end up having a watch without any buttons or one with four, five, or six dedicated buttons.”

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