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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review

fossil 5th Gen Watch

Fossil-now a veteran of the smartwatch market-actually kept the Google Wear OS platform running on its own. Yes, there are others, but this is the brand of Android-based smartwatches due to style, popular brand names, and relatively affordable prices.

Fossil is equipped with the much-needed Snapdragon 3100, heart rate sensor and GPS location tracking, and replaces the slow and fragile wireless charging pad, providing a more reliable and fast contact charging system.

(Good +)

  • Plenty of designs available
  • Battery charging speed is quicker than before
  • Heart-rate sensor-equipped
  • Easy to switch watch bands/straps

(Against -)

  • Julianna is a bit big for small wrists
  • Wear OS still not the best smartwatch platform

Round Screen

If there is a feature that immediately attracts buyers to Wear OS on top of the Apple Watch, it can be said that the watch has a circular display, and the Apple Watch always seems to stick to the rectangular watch screen.

Creating a user interface that works well with text on a circular screen can be difficult, but it is undeniable that in some cases, a circular watch works better. Don’t forget that many people buy a watch purely because of its appearance.

Fossial 5 gen watch

As for the actual display quality, it is a good panel. It’s AMOLED, so the pixels can be turned off individually, creating a dark and high-contrast look. This also means you get an always-on environment mode that consumes less power than a fully-on dial.

The colors are vivid and you can always see the time in its default mode. In ambient mode-which has been the case for some time you will see that the time is updated every minute with minimal brightness and no animation to process. This will ensure battery life.

Best Design

It has a black 44 mm case with a gold bezel around the dial and a black Milan-style steel strap. Unlike Apple’s Milanese’s convenient use of magnets to ensure endless versatility, the Fossil method uses a buckle that you have to adjust until you find a buckle that suits you.

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             Thankfully, this is not a very difficult process, because you can release the buckle by pulling the buckle up to secure it firmly in a notch in the belt, then sliding and then fixing it back in place. You can do this with a small flat-blade screwdriver or any other tool with a long, thin edge.

The benefit of the nature of this strap (basically a micro link) is that it is both sturdy and flexible. It fits your arm contour perfectly and is comfortable.

fossil 5th Gen Watch

If you want to replace it, you can remove it from the box using the quick release system. You can replace it with a brown leather Fossil strap from the third-generation Fossil collection.

Juliana Anna has a small problem: size. Julianna was originally recommended for us to find watches with narrower (supposedly female) wrists, 44 mm in diameter.

This is a big watch, and the ladies who tried to test it found it was too big to wear comfortably all day. So in the end, it found the arm of the male reviewer. It may not be the most traditional masculinity, but with a dark brown leather strap, you prefer it.

Besides, the middle crown can be rotated to control what’s on the screen, so you can scroll up to go to the notification or scroll down to see the quick settings panel. It’s very pleasing (and very useful) when you don’t want to use a touch screen.

Very Useful for Exercise

For the past few years, Fossil’s watches have not been particularly good at tracking exercise progress. They don’t have a GPS and heart rate sensor, but the latest watches (since 4th generation) have them built-in, so you can install apps like Strava to track your running sessions and get all your health data. Hope to receive a fitness tracking form.

Fossial Fitness

What we are saying is that you do need a third party application to take full advantage of this feature. Google’s Fit app is a bit lightweight, so it’s best to find another. Thankfully, Google Play has a lot of options to install, whether it’s Strava, Nike Run Club, or other great apps.

The biggest advantage of the built-in GPS is that you can use these applications without having to put your phone on the phone at the same time, the watch can be tracked for free, and it is not tied to the smartphone overlord. However, it does seem to take a minute or two to lock into that position, which could mean that the result is a bit off.

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          The 5th generation of fossils is powered by the Snapdragon 3100, an upgrade from 2100 that had previously run on smartwatches for too long. Software and experience seem smoother with new chips.

Software and experience seem smoother. The animation is a bit messy, but it’s not. And, whether it’s a Play Store app list or a commonly installed app, the various elements load much faster than before.

Charging Improved

One of the most disappointing features of the previous generation Fossil watches-dating back several generations-is the speed of charging. They used a wireless charging disc similar to the Apple Watch, which was fixed to the back by a magnet.

In addition to the weak magnetic connection, power is also slowly transferred. It takes several hours to fully charge your watch, which means that you are forced to charge it every night.

By the fifth generation, things had changed. There is still a magnetic charging pad, but the magnet is much stronger and can withstand considerable forces.

Moreover, it does not use wireless charging technologies such as Qi to power. Instead, there are two gold rings under the case, and two small pins protruding from the charging pad, which are perfectly aligned with the two rings.

Combined with physical contact and decent magnets, the watch doesn’t need to be lined up-it simply snaps into place to charge faster than before.

Fossial Smartwatch 5th Gen

After 35 minutes, plugging in the power provides approximately 60% of battery power. So instead of taking three hours or more to fully charge from scratch, you can charge in about an hour.

The weird thing about charging is similar to the freezing of GPS data in our runs. During the charging process, it will display the same battery level several times in a few minutes before rising to a higher level. It is not always updated in real-time.


Fossil’s 5th generation smartwatch solves many of the problems we encountered with the devices we used in previous years: there is no smoother performance, and features such as GPS and heart rate monitoring have been added.

Besides, the battery is no longer charging slowly. This eliminates a lot of pain points. So if you’re after a stylish smartwatch and not an Apple user, Fossil is still a brand worth pursuing.

Of all the key elements you want a smartwatch to perform, the fifth-generation fossil. It’s smoother, more reliable, and faster than other previous-generation Wear OS watches.

Even though this particular model doesn’t work for you, Fossil has a large number of styles and brand lines in its huge consumer brand, so there is no shortage of smartwatches with similar functions, but the style is more suitable for you.

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